Small changes make big differences.

Tues with MOJO/Have you seen this?

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I spent the weekend surrounded by people I love and who decided to express their love for each other by tying the knot. People came from all over the world to support them and it was spectacular in every way.

A party (or multiple parties) ensued, and when the music played you can bet, I was on the dance floor celebrating. My husband gets great joy out of seeing me dance. He says it’s like someone turned the lights on for me or winds me up. It makes me happy.

How wonderful that a NY Times article suggests that dancing the new kale!  And it tastes better too. Have you seen it?

Tuesdays with MOJO/Let’s cheer LT on

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It’s been three years since my cousin LT died. That’s not his real name for privacy reasons, but anyone who knew him will recognize him in that proxy. He was 32 years old and struggled with illness since the age of 17.

At 17 I was going to parties, working, dating, playing sports and getting ready to embark on my college career. He was adjusting to how to live with an ileostomy bag. Imagine being a teenager and having to deal with that.

Surgeries. Pain. Infections. Pain. Hospital stays. Pain. Transfusions. Pain. Broken dreams. And more pain. And opioids to deal with it.  

Tuesdays with MOJO/Some announcements

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 There are 2 ½ points to this Tuesdays with MOJO:

  1. Join me and my Montauk Retreat co-leaders for a webinar on self-care and what you can start doing today to live a more confident, fulfilling and self-loving life. Options are Tuesday, 4/16 or Thursday 4/18 at 1:00pm ET. Email me with your preference and I will forward you details.

    1. FYI: We opened up new “dorm style” options for our upcoming Retreat. There are just two of those spots left. Check out details here.

  2. Hear my take about what recovering from knee surgery has taught me

Tuesdays with MOJO/Stop recyling

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I was recently hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The air was crisp, daffodils in bloom and I was sucking wind bigtime. Getting to the very top of McAfee’s Knob was a push at the end, and my body was screaming for some hydration. 

I had three plastic water bottles on me and in between sips, couldn’t help but wonder where they would end up, not only from an environmental standpoint, but from a “toxins in my body” standpoint.

What you do matters, and all is not hopeless -- you can influence this tremendously with just a few small habit adjustments. Right now.

Tuesdays with MOJO/I’ve saved a spot for you.

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There is one common theme I hear from all of my MOJO-ers. No matter how successful, seemingly happy and thriving, they all engage in some form of deep self-criticism. Which leads to self-sabotage and poor confidence, and ultimately unhappiness.

I’m on a mission to stop you from screwing yourself.  

I’ll say it, get out of your own way. I can say it a million times, but truly the only one who can stop it is you. 

Hence, we are dedicating our upcoming Montauk Retreat to creating an environment where self-compassion is the norm and self-sabotage gets thrown into the ocean. We will tear down walls, shatter negative self-perceptions and give you tools to bust you out of your own suffocating cell. 

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be grand. I’ll tell you how, but first let’s discuss why. Because:

Tuesdays with MOJO/Do you have a droopy face?

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Look in the mirror and smile. If one side of your face droops, you could be having a stroke. And the faster you seek medical attention, the more likely to recover.

I wasn’t a huge 90210 fan, but Luke Perry was a dominant force in pop culture when I was in my 20’s. If I were to pick a love interest from the show, it would have been Dylan (aka Luke) for sure.  As I recall it, Ian was too goofy, Brandon too goody goody and David a bit of a bore. But Luke – he was mysterious and needed saving. He was my guy. Thank goodness I’ve evolved since then – now it would be Brandon or David all the way.