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Tuesdays with MOJO / Happy Anniversary to Us / Exciting news!

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It's our anniversary!  It was one year ago this week that I introduced “Tuesdays with MOJO” and committed to send a weekly “healthy tidbit, personal insight, and/or important trend related article.”  I asked you to indulge me by allowing me into your inbox every week, and to provide feedback as I cultivated my take on a newsletter.

What started out as a tentative email to about 30 people has grown to a weekly article reaching an audience of about 1,000.   At the time, I was insecure about my writing and you embraced me as I tackled that head on, sharing my inner most thoughts with friends and strangers alike.  Your support has often brought me to tears, and now this is my 53rd entry! 

One year later I sit here again with the spa channel playing on satellite radio sipping my peach detox tea, reflecting on where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

In that first blog entry, I asked you to consider letting go of something or someone dragging you down – a person, project, habit, issue – and I wonder how that worked out for you.  I ask you to reflect on this a year later.

You have helped me grow personally and professionally (more on that in a moment) and I like to think I have had a small role in your growth as well.   I thank you for your enthusiastic comments, unconditional support and encouragement!

Won’t you please indulge me a bit further with a trip down memory lane?

ski patrol.jpg

The year has been gracious at times while uncertain at others.  The whole knee debacle (I did an excellent job injuring myself!) created some business, social and physical difficulties.  It was a challenge to frame it as a time to look on the bright side, but with the healing thoughts you sent my way, you made it simple.  

We’ve shared some TMTM (tragic multitasking mistakes), and cultivated our ability to be present.

We activated our angels by asking for what we desire, and walked through new doors that were scary, while letting others gently close behind us.

We took the “March Pledge” to get us through that dreary, long month leading to the beauty of spring.  

We’ve experienced the reality of death, and explored ways to be our own health advocates by understanding what we’re eating, what messages our body sends us with colors, and respecting the beauty of our body’s voluntary and involuntary responses.  

Together we reclaimed the difficult month of September,  and dared to tackle both the beauty and demands of switching gears. 

Mostly, we opened up the lines of communication within ourselves to make small changes toward becoming who we want to be, and allowing for us to be human and forgiving along the way. 

These last 52 weeks have been very fulfilling and as alluded to earlier, I have some exciting news to share.   Some amazing evolutions have happened for MOJO Health + Wellness.

With three years of combining my expertise in corporate culture and events, deep exposure to a world-renowned nutritionist, and my certification as a health coach, I’m thrilled to announce I’ve joined forces as a Principal with an amazing NY-based national corporate wellness provider, Balance Integration Corporation


Led by the amazing Tevis Trower, since their founding in 2002, Balance has steadily emerged as a leader in corporate lifestyle strategies and innovative programming, crafting customized programs for companies such as AOL/Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Soros, and KKR.  

Together, we will offer unique and impactful efforts to help companies meet their human equity goals in a creative, unique and effective way.  I look forward to connecting with my friends and colleagues seeking ways to create an environment that results in happier, healthier, more productive and fulfilled staff.  If you’re in a position to influence those decisions let’s talk!

And don’t worry, I will continue to write this weekly Tuesdays with MOJO blog and offer one-on-one coaching!

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So in celebration of this new collaboration and our anniversary, I ask that you indulge me one more time by sharing your own Tuesdays with MOJO experience.  Which post touched you most or encouraged you to act?  If there is a topic you wish to have addressed, send that along too!  For sharing, I will send two lucky random responders a MOJO Health + Wellness t-shirt.

I continue to look forward to our Tuesdays together.  It’s amazing how one small email turned into what Tuesdays with MOJO is today, and I couldn’t have done it without you. 

With gratitude,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™