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Tuesdays with MOJO / Take the March pledge

Marjorie Spitz Rento3 Comments

It’s March!  The longest month of the year -- at least that’s the way it always feels to me. 

I find March an incredible tease.  When it arrives, I’m filled with puppy dog enthusiasm for spring.  However with its typical lack of warm days and absence of even a flower bud, I become deflated as it lingers on and on.   It feels like I’ve made it toward the end of a race, but someone keeps moving the finish line!

With the long cold winter we have withstood so far (especially our friends in New England), who can blame everyone for looking forward to moving on from snowstorms, double digit wind chills and darkness at 4:30 pm!

I find it no surprise that March, named for the Roman god of wars and guardian of agriculture Mars, was considered the beginning of the season for both farming and warfare.  Everyone was probably grouchy from a long winter!

This time of year I tend to look for small milestones to help me get through the long slushy, gray days of March.   Basically, skipping the month altogether so I can get to abundant April’s longer days, aromatic flowers and everyone’s improved mood.

I recently came across this quote from Art Buchwald, “Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it's the only time we've got.”

Good point!  I wonder:  How many March’s over the years have I marched through with my head down to get to April, neglecting to appreciate that time? 

Like Joan Rivers once said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it a present."  Indeed!

So I posed this question to myself:  What can I do to stay present, regardless of whether I prefer the upcoming season around the corner?

I’ve read many articles about the benefits of being present, and one I found especially interesting is how it’s shown to help one let go of self-consciousness.  “With your attention focused outward towards the person(s) you are interacting with. You just let things flow out of you.”  What a nice double gift:  to the person you’re with and yourself!   It is also shown to help you become a better listener, which is always a great tool to sharpen. 

I’ve recently noticed that when I’m not stuck in my own head thinking about something I may have done wrong/could have done differently, or obsessing about something coming up, my mind is clear to come up with fresh ideas or resolve a problem.  In fact, I have the majority of my “aha” moments when I’m in the present.  I appreciate my surroundings more, enjoy the people I’m with and find myself more relaxed and joyful. 

I definitely can’t clench my jaw when I’m happily present! 

With this in mind, I have decided to take a pledge to get my March MOJO flowing.  Won’t you join me?

I pledge to:

  • Find beauty in even the grayest of March days
  • Smile when it rains/snows/sleets and say, “this will bring even brighter flowers and trees”
  • Enjoy the moment as it’s happening and influence those around me to do the same
  • Look at each day with enthusiasm, instead of counting down those left
  • Be positive in the face of negativity, especially when met with voices complaining about winter
  • Use the indoor time to get organized, snuggle up with my honey (or a good book when he’s not there)
  • Practice deep breathing to keep stress at bay
  • Experiment with new hobbies, like the essential oils I just ordered
  • Be kind to my body during this transitional time

Feel free to add one to your own personal list! 

Everyone say “ay” and march on my friends, March on!

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™