Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO / Let's Celebrate Life

Marjorie Spitz Rento2 Comments

Two of my close friends lost a parent this last week.   It’s my birthday today.  Spring is finally here.

Yes, these are non-sequiturs, but trust me they are all related.  Each of those life moments serves as a reminder to take a beat to recognize what’s important to you and be clear on your priorities.  

I believe if it’s a birthday, celebrate it!  Take that day to honor the people who bring you joy, reflect on how things are going, and check the direction of your ship to be sure it’s heading in the right direction.  Take control of the course with optimism and clarity, and it will serve you.

As spring hits, get your butt outside.  Take notice of the smiles on everyone’s faces, acknowledge the buds on the trees and smell the fresh air.  No matter where in the world I’ve traveled, I’ve never seen people as happy as when they are enjoying the outdoors on a beautiful day. 

When someone close to you experiences the loss of a parent, help him/her heal.   Even when death is imminent, it is a painful out-of-body experience.  It sucks!  Be there as best you can.  Also, take the opportunity to be present in your own life.  Put aside the task at hand and replace it with appreciation for your family.  Create a shareable moment.    Pick up that darn phone and call, give that hug, play that game, put away that email. 

Each of the real-life instances I cited creates an opportunity to reflect and rejigger.

Ask yourself: 

  • Is my life what I want it to be?
  • Are my priorities reflective of where I want to go?
  • Is there one small change I could implement today to better put me in the position I’m striving for?
  • Have I told those I care about most how much I love them?

You have one life and what you want will change as you live it.  Just because today you want to be a baker, doesn’t mean that tomorrow you’ll be happy as a baker, no matter how delicious the natural baked goods taste!  And that’s ok!  Be honest with yourself about what’s next and make it happen.

So let’s take a moment to write down what’s important – write down just three things that you most desire at this juncture in your life. 

Next to each, write down one small thing you will start doing today to fulfill those wishes. 

Why wait when you can start on that path now?

Make your life what you want, and if you need help reach out to those around you (or a Health Coach) to give you a nudge and/or support. 

As I reflect on this and previous years, I acknowledge that I have achieved things I never would have dreamed of.  I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, swam in the Hudson River, started my own business, married me a wonderful pickle man.  Certainly there are things I thought I would achieve that have gone unfulfilled and I’ve come to terms with those.  We all make adjustments along the way. 

The important thing is to embrace what’s important to you, and move in a direction on your particular road to happiness.

You will get there.  

Oh, and call your parents today.  They’d love nothing more than to hear from you.


Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™