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Tuesdays with MOJO / Send out some healing thoughts

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I’m not an anxious person by nature, but sometimes anxiety creeps up on me and takes me by surprise.  It may rear its ugly head around an upcoming business or personal event, or even a big birthday.   When it happens, I typically get anxious days or even weeks in advance.  Then, it eases suddenly and by the time I reach that anticipated moment, I’m calm and totally fine.

Everyone deals with anxiety differently and I guess that is how my body processes it.  Some people are even anxious about being anxious, which can make the cycle worse! 

Studies show that worrying can actually be helpful when it encourages you to take action and resolve something.  However if you become preoccupied with negativity and worse case scenarios, it can become a bigger problem and even paralyzing.  Am I making you anxious just thinking about it?  I hope not! 

The important thing is to address whatever is driving your anxiety so it doesn’t take over, become a total energy suck and/or disrupt your life completely. 

One way to overcome feelings of anxiety is to implement MOJO Maker™ #10:  Practice preparedness.  By focusing on the things you can control and putting plans in place, the situation automatically becomes more emotionally manageable.    Certainly you can’t control everything, but by checking some things off the list, the unknown is greatly reduced, and thus so is your stress level. 

In my case, I’m preparing for knee surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow.  I have organized my work schedule, set up physical therapy appointments, stocked the cupboards and fridge with nutrition-rich food and drink, purchased ice packs and TP, and have a bunch of books and movies to occupy me.  

Most importantly, I have surrounded myself with a supportive circle (MOJO Maker™ #12) who will escort me to and from the procedure, keep me company, let me be cranky if I want to be, and even make me cleansing soup (thank you my dear friend!).  I will let go of my usual independent self and allow myself to rely on people when I need to, as well as set boundaries and gently shoo them away when I desire quiet time.

I can’t even count how many people who have offered love, support and errand running, and I feel very blessed and grateful to have so much wonderfulness around me! 

Studies show that your support system is critical to your recovery. 

There is also evidence that confirms outcomes are more positive when your support team (including your surgeon) say positive statements and send healing thoughts at the time of the operation.  When I told this to my surgeon today, he stopped what he was doing, looked me in the eye and told me that he would “spread some positive MOJO.”  He had no idea the name of my company, and thus I took it as a sign from the universe that the operating room will be filled with positivity.

In the book, Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster (gifted from another supportive friend), the author shares many examples of patients who, while under anesthesia, cite they heard what was going on around them.   If the room was chaotic and the conversation negative, it impacted their psyche, pain and recovery.    The opposite was true for those where the room encouraging and positive.

In addition, when the patient knew their support team were sending healing thoughts, they felt it and experienced a more comfortable recovery.

So, I’m going to ask you a favor.  My surgery is scheduled for 2:00 pm tomorrow, so please telepathically send some healing thoughts my way around then.  Please picture me surrounded by beautiful Montauk daisies (my favorite flower!) with a nice Hither Hills ocean breeze in the air. 

And let’s not make this all about me!  While you’re at it, please send healing thoughts to anyone in your life that needs them.   Right now, I’m sending virtual hugs to the friend in Florida tending to her ailing mom.  To the friend struggling with a difficult boss and high stress level.  To the co-worker with the big Friday deadline.  And to my husband, who is going to have to deal with me over the coming weeks. 

Please send out healing thoughts to anyone you think needs them, and the of course to yourself.  MOJO Maker™ #11, be kind to YOU.


Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

Compassion Corner:

We all know how difficult air travel is these days.  I was inspired to hear this story about how passengers, pilots and flight attendants conspired to help Kerry Drake make his connecting flight so he could get to the bedside of his dying mother in time to say goodbye.  What a life changing act of compassion! 

Share acts of compassion you exhibit and I will include them here weekly!