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Tuesdays with MOJO / Activate your angels – Ask!

Marjorie Spitz Rento2 Comments

It’s been 11 weeks since that unfortunate skiing incident when I injured my knee.  I’m going on 5 weeks since surgery.  I admit it:  I’m getting impatient.  Actually, I AM impatient.  I’m still in a brace and on crutches, and will start the weaning off process this week (yay!), but it feels like it’s taking forever.  The body is an amazing entity with a miraculous ability to heal, but it requires time and dedication, and we need to honor that.   

I mostly do so, but every once in awhile, when the tea cup is just out of reach, or the ice pack painfully cold, or I have to send someone to the market for me, the “impatient me” rears its ugly head.   One day last week, just when I was starting to slip into exasperation mode, the universe kicked in with some much appreciated encouragement.    

Within one day:

  • A woman walked along side me on the street, warmly saying how great I’m doing.
  • The guy cooking gyros at a street cart turned to me and said, “G-d bless you.”
  • At the beginning of one block, a guy said, “looking good,” and just a half a block later another said, “almost there.” 
  • The doorman down the street complimented my progress and encouraged me – I love the building doormen on our street!

It was difficult to miss the culmination of all these signs happening in a short period of time. They got my attention and gratitude. 

It’s remarkable how the universe can insert itself just when you need it most.  How does it know?  Does some angel intervene just when we’ve had enough?  Is it always there, but we only take notice when we really need the support?   

I talk a lot about listening to your body.  How it offers insight multiple times a day and the power of paying attention to what it’s saying. Well, it’s also important to take notice of the signs the cosmos offers.  Even beyond that, I highly recommend you ask the universe for what you want.  Out loud. 

There are many studies that suggest that if you ask, you’ll get an answer.  Now it may not be the answer you want, but if you don’t ask, it won’t get answered at all!

Putting it out there sets up an intention and makes whatever it is you’re working toward real.  You can literally put in motion a powerful energy that will help you realize your request.

Now, don’t be surprised if the universe tests you along the way.  I tell the story of how when I met my husband Bob, I had just put on paper a list of qualities I wanted in a life partner.  Bam, Bob appeared and he was everything on the list!  I felt like the universe was both blessing and taunting me, saying, “OK, Marjorie.  Here he is.  Now what are you going to do about him -- run away and keep doing things the way you always do, or embrace him?”  Thankfully I chose the latter and we’re coming up on our third year of marital bliss.   Without that list articulating what I wanted, I might have missed the sign, even if it was written on his shirt!  

Years ago a friend suggested I read The Alchemist, a fable about a shepherd boy who sells off his flock of sheep to travel and discover the meaning of a recurring dream.  A key quote from the book states, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  Yup! 

The book opened my mind to the concept of paying attention to the “omens” as they are presented throughout life.  How if you continue to ignore them, they will become unrecognizable and slowly disappear.  Thus, solidifying your fate.

The book has been translated into 80 languages and sold over 65 million copies worldwide.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one inspired by it!  If you haven’t already read it, pick it up.

I’m a true believer in enlisting the universe as an ally.  By asking, you activate the unconscious you, and set your path. 

Last week, when I became frustrated, I put out the notion that I needed affirmation I was moving in the right direction.  I got an answer loud and clear!   

Thank you, my angels, for sending me the message.

Now, what will you ask for?  Go ahead, ask (in a positive way), and see what happens.


Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™