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Tuesdays with MOJO / Drive Down Hypoluxo

Marjorie Spitz Rento2 Comments

Yesterday was my birthday.  Well it wasn’t really my birthday, but if you tell them it’s your birthday at Season’s 52 Restaurant you get a delicious bite sized dessert of your choice.  Such are one of the true delights of going out to dinner with the family in Florida – we all got such joy out of that cute little dessert in a shot glass.  Just look at the smiles on our faces!

My birthday was actually in April, and Dad was supposed to visit but due to my ski accident and subsequent knee surgery, we rescheduled for another time.  Until then I decided to come down for a quick visit.  So in truth we are celebrating my birthday, kinda. 

My friends and I have an inside joke that was born out of a trip to Florida taken over 15 years ago.  My Dad and Step Mom had recently moved to Boynton Beach full time and still had their previous condo, so four of us gathered from the east and west coasts to stay for a few days.  It was a reunion of sorts from a trip we took to London about 8 years prior to visit my Dad when they lived there.  On that trip, there was no extra condo so we all overtook their apartment with zest, having midnight chow down sessions in the kitchen after returning from the pub. Hey we were in our early 20’s, what do you expect?


Anyway, one day the five of us were driving in the car, me in the middle in the front between the folks, and the gals in the back seat, when a conversation occurred about I’m not sure exactly what.  Whatever it was, for some reason the road “Hypoluxo” was referenced in the front seat so many times, that the gals and I started to giggle. It was kind of a funny word, and as we locked eyes we adopted it – since then, whenever any of us visited Florida, we would say we were going to “Hypoluxo.”   I’m not sure my Dad or Step Mom would remember that, but I know they would get a kick out of it. 

It’s so special to have friends to share such memorable moments with and after all these years it still works.  On that trip we each were tackling different issues:  relationships, careers, booze, ulcers and cancer.  Thank goodness we had each other for support!

Now our issues are different.  You see, I am the only one of the four of us who still has any of her parents.  One lost a parent as a child, and then her Dad this year.  Another lost both parents within the same year about 6 years ago.  And another both parents within months of each other just recently.  She made her last trip to Hypoluxo in August. 

I am the lucky gal who has her parents to hug and laugh with, and I am filled with gratitude.  In many ways they are all thriving.  My Mom lives in Manhattan, works full time, goes to the gym regularly, travels and has a very active social life.  You have to make an appointment to get on her calendar – she loves jazz, seeing shows, and dining with friends. If she had pursued a career I bet she would have been a music a promoter.  She just booked a trip to South America.  I can barely keep up with her.

Dad plays cards regularly (he made a killing yesterday, winning $13!) – the betting gene runs through the male side of my family.  He goes to the gym, is a wicked crossword puzzle solver, avid reader, movie lover and enthusiastic sports fan.  Whether the US Open, the Yankees or the Knicks, he’s engaged and excited, yet objective about the players and team (not me – I’m all heart when it comes to my teams!).  Until recently we would go to baseball games annually – I have wonderful memories of visits to the ballpark.  Dad is a dedicated husband, and he and my Step Mom support each other unconditionally.  Although they both now struggle with musculoskeletal issues, they work through them beautifully together.

One thing has always been a given in my life and that is my parents would do anything for my brothers and me.  We grew up in a supportive environment where we were encouraged to pursue our passions.  That is a gift I do not take for granted, nor the fact that they are still here with me living a good life every day. 

So today I dedicate this blog post to you Mom and Dad.  Although there may be times when I forget to call or weeks gone by without a visit, that in no way indicates how I feel about you.  You are my rocks and I love you.  I am who I am today because of you and I thank you.

To my dedicated readers, thank you for indulging me with this ode to my parents.  If you’re lucky enough to have yours, find some time today to pick up the phone or write.  If that’s not possible, take a moment to value them, or their memory, or reach out to someone else who has inspired you.   

As for me, I gotta run – in honor of my gals we’re heading over to Hypoluxo for some lunch. 

With gratitude,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™