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Tuesdays with MOJO / Music to my ears, torture to yours

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Mourning Doves have made a nest in the courtyard of our apt building.  I love the beautiful cooing sound that gorgeously echoes through our 11th floor windows. The cooOOoo-woo-woo-woooo-ing is used by males to attract females, and may be mistaken for the call of an owl at first (truth be told I did excitedly think we had an owl, but my husband was quick to smirk and correct me). 

The Mourning Dove gets the name because of the mournful sound of its cooing.  I don’t find it sad at all, but instead divinely calming!  It reminds me of the birds I would awaken to while traveling in Africa. 

My husband hates them.  I won’t even share what he wishes he could do to them.

It’s amazing how the noises we hear can be received so differently from individual to individual.  Our bodies just interpret them uniquely, and that too is beautiful.   The body reacts and adapts, and a sound for one person translates to beauty, while the same for another the opposite.  It literally could be music to one's ears, and torture to someone else's.

Now the kid down the hall screaming while I was practicing my morning meditation today wasn’t as welcome, but to each his own.

It’s interesting how some noises no longer even register for me.  My mom recently spent the night and commented on the loudness of the elevator.  Having lived here for so long, I don’t even hear it!  Nor does the famous opera singer who teaches next-door throw me off.  Yes, hours of scales can sometimes get a bit annoying, but mostly I barely hear them.

Now in fairness, I used to work at an open floor seating advertising agency with dogs, music and drama a-plenty.  Great training to shut things out when needed!  During one memorable conference call with a client who followed me to the agency, he interrupted the call and asked “Is that a dog I hear?”  Me:  “Um, yes!  So as we were saying…”

I’m a light sleeper, though, and although one would think the sound of a mourning dove would awake and drive me crazy, I find it soothing and thrilling at the same time.

It got me thinking about the “noise” going on in our every day lives. It’s really the same idea.  A task at work.  Social obligation.  Health priority.  Family responsibility.  Long to-do list.  Those are all demands talking (or perhaps screaming) to you.  Some loud and some soft. Some like nails on a chalkboard, while others the soothing rhythm of the ocean (check out my Facebook page for an ocean view break).

What is the noise in your life and how can you amplify the ones serving you and turn down the ones that aren’t?  What are the ones you want to silence?  Become aware of the impact on your body and mood, and take a small step toward phasing out the ones side tracking you.

When I write or need to concentrate, I put on the Spa channel and it helps me focus (as opposed to songs with lyrics or my favorite talk radio host Howard Stern, which distracts me).  It’s how I “stay in the zone.”

I feel similarly to the sound of the Mourning Doves.  It’s no wonder it Wisconsin's official symbol of peace and Michigan's state bird of peace!

Thankfully they survived the strong winds whipping around their home last night (Bob hoped they would blow elsewhere).

Through Google I learned they mate for life.  How romantic!  Just like me and Bob, coo-cooing for life in a small NYC apartment with Mourning Doves cheering us on!

Get your coo on!

Coo-fully Yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™