Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO / Be

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

I’m leading a corporate wellness program for 30 people, launching this week.  It kicks off with a 1:1 coaching session for participants with yours truly, a big part of which is helping him or her envision their optimal self.  So let's do the same together! 

We all have dreams and goals. Sometimes the fires we are focused on putting out daily mask them.  Give yourself the gift of a moment this week to give some thought to YOU.

Who do you want to be?   Stop what you’re doing and really think about it:  what is on the horizon for the optimal me – me at my very best?  If I were to paint a picture of my future self, what would it look like? What would I be doing? How would I feel energetically?  What would my nutrition look like?  Physical fitness? Social life? Career? Sleep? Etc.

Envision that picture, and look at it with attentive eyes, heart and mind.   Write or draw it.  Is anything missing that you long for?  Visualize that optimal you. 

Now consider where you are today.  How do you spend your time? How do you feel?  How does that coincide with your best you?  Don’t get frustrated if the gap is palpable!  This exercise is a tool to help you move from today to optimal.

Once you clearly outline the current you and the optimal you, what are some action steps you could commit to toward becoming the best you?   They could just be simple small steps, like only having one dessert a week, or squeezing in short bursts of activity 3x a week (even at home if time), or putting away the electronics an hour before bed at least 3 times per week.   Write down your action steps and pledge to make them happen.

Take a deep breathe (this is hard work!) and step back and review this beautiful picture you’ve painted.  Does it feel right?  Are there any adjustments you want to make?

Now that we have a map of your optimal you, what is a go-to message you can enlist when a challenging moment or situation arises to keep you on track?  A positive statement that inspires you and lights you up.  It could reference a color or an activity that you love.  Keep it positive so it doesn’t feel like punishment.  A phrases like “I’m worth it.”  “Bring out my inner sparkle.” “Let go.” “Fight for it.”  Make it personal.

I challenge you to try this over the next week.  Come on indulge me! Last week we talked about habits. You have the power to change them and make new ones, but it's not easy!  Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”  You are far from finished, so why not use the now to get going?

Share your goal with your supportive circle, and commit to one small step you could take to get there today.

As a result of the 1:1 sessions I’ve been leading over the last week, I started to compile a list of what I want to be: 

Be a good listener

Be strong

Be true

Be alive

Be aware

Be kind

Be present

Be yourself

Be curious

Be – lieve

Be playful

Be thoughtful

Be resilient

Be colorful

Be amazing

Perhaps you want to create your own “Be” list? 

Go for it and feel free to share your thoughts, experiences and go-to phrase!  Now go and be.


Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™