Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO / I'm a writer!

Marjorie Spitz Rento3 Comments

Today is a special day.  For over a year I have been writing Tuesdays with MOJO with the goal of providing inspiration and actionable information to its readers.  It was born out of practicing daily morning pages, and a desire to motivate others to experience the benefits of implementing a “small changes make big differences” strategy (and a side goal to make writing a habit).

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to take it to the next level.  The New York Spirit hired me to blog, and my first article was just published.  I am a published writer! 

There are a couple of glitches to work out:  they published it without notifying me, and used a picture that has nothing to do with the topic (um, a picture of a foreign city while talking about eating out in NYC?).   However, it is exciting none-the-less!

So up to two times a month, Tuesdays with MOJO will link to the New York Spirit, an online resource for enlightened New Yorkers for wellness, spirituality and higher consciousness.  Please enjoy my inaugural article, Tips and Tricks to Navigate the Traps of Eating Out.  Comment, post, share and most of all, accept my gratitude for encouraging me every week.

Happily published, 

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™