Small changes make big differences.

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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

I’m on west coast time today, hence the later timestamp on this blog entry. I sit here in an airport awaiting a delayed flight home, one that will get me in at 1:00 a.m.  I am not annoyed I am overjoyed, and have a very important message to share.

When given the opportunity, GO!

My brother and his son set out on a mission to attend a baseball game at every professional ballpark in the country. Actually it didn’t start out that way, it began about 10 years ago as a trip to the local baseball games and subsequently morphed into planned excursions to about 30 stadiums. My father joined them on many of the trips, and I for some. 

This year, as my nephew approaches his freshman year in college, they decided to complete the stadium tour and tackle the last 6 stadiums in just one week. As I write this blog, my brother and nephew are in Chicago wrapping up the “Spitz Baseball Extravaganza” (as I call it).

Visiting KC and St Louis on their own, my Dad, Husband and I met them in Denver.  NH, NY and FL all in the house at the Colorado Rockies game!  My Dad and I then continued along to Oakland and San Francisco.

This is a special trip, not only because it fulfills the goal of visiting all the stadiums, but also because it brought so many of us together from varying geographies for a concentrated period of time. Instead of the usual visit over a rushed weekend, we were able to linger and enjoy each other over multiple days and sights. 

Additionally, I had the opportunity to see far away friends (my extended family), like my college roommate; Mt. Kilimanjaro summit partner; peer coach; niece; and a long distance friend.

We shared old stories, created new memories and connected deeply. 

I am a busy woman. We are all busy and it's easy to get consumed by overflowing schedules, work deadlines and social obligations, as well as to get caught up in our own worlds.  

But at what expense? What are we giving up in return? How often do we look up and noticed an entire season whip by?

Enough! Slow down and GO!

I’ve had many friends recently lose one or both parents. They were the first to comment or “like” my recent Facebook photos. I think of them with a twinge of guilt and a sense of how lucky I am to still have both parents with me. I cherish this rare time spent together: A father. A son. A sister. A brother. A daughter. A friend. An Aunt. A wife. A husband. We all filled multiple roles, gained from the experience.

So take a deep breath and thoughtful moment to recognize missed opportunities, and channel that energy into newfound ones. Plan that visit, make that call, write that note. Explore the slightly ajar door right in front of you and burst it open.  GO!  And reap the bounties of that glorious experience.

Heartfully yours 

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™