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Tuesdays with MOJO/Disconnect to connect

Marjorie Spitz Rento1 Comment

I write today’s TWMJ from the depths of Iceland, a place I've wanted to visit for many years. It’s my first “alone” get-on-an-airplane-and-go-somewhere-remote vacation with my hubby in exactly two years. Don’t feel bad for us though. We live a great life with plenty of 3-day weekends and interesting excursions.

We like adventure and tend to stay in basic hotels with the occasional luxury overnight “wow” peppered in. Given we cover a lot of ground per day and just use hotels as a place to rest our weary heads, why waste the dough on expensive resorts? You can call it “Bob and Marjorie’s Chevy-Chase-Vacation-Icelandic-Adventure.”

This trip, I've run my poor husband into the ground. Usually I'm the one who wants to stay put and not skip around from place to place, but not this time. I want to see everything in 10 days so we are on the move!

And while on this dream vacation, even as I sit on a wooden platform in the remote location of Skalanes (look it up!) in the midst of cliffs and fjords overflowing with local vegetation and wild life (a place we had to hike 4km to, as Bob says,"for the luxury of spending money to stay here"), I am both overwhelmed with its beauty and peace, yet unable to leave my work mind behind

Thoughts creep in like “Crap I wish I would have handled that differently,” “Darn I never did that,” or “Yikes I hope the person covering for me isn't cursing me out right now.”

I am typically electronically connected so often, I find it difficult to totally separate myself. While here, I’ve been keeping an eye on emails and posting on Facebook more than I would like, mostly because my husband is such a good photographer and also since so many people asked us to share our trip with them. Part of me loves it, and the other part would rather sit and stare at the view, or even just a wall – anything without a screen.

And here I sit on this beautiful perch to meditate and can't let go. But I will and must. The importance of taking a break is something we preach daily in our Corporate Wellness Work at Balance Integration.  

Vacations are necessary, if not to visit places on your bucket list, then to give yourself a break. It is proven that employees (and human beings) thrive when they take regular time off. Some companies even insist upon it! 

I recently wrote about how creativity sprouts from space. So as of this moment, on this holiday, I will practice what I profess and give myself space. I will disconnect, and in doing so will reconnect with nature, my hubby, my body, mind and myself. Will you do the same, even if you don’t happen to be on holiday? As a start, together let’s commit to just 5 minutes of meditation (or deep breathing, or reflection) a day. From my experience, after even just one session you will feel more focused, clear and connected (besides all the other health benefits). And as you take this small baby step toward a happier, healthier you, please know I am supporting you all the way from the fjords of Iceland. Now on to the lava fields.

Disconnectedly yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

Please note: given my remote location, and hence slow wifi signal, there are limited pictures with this post.