Small changes make big differences.

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With it both Martin Luther King recognition and inauguration week, it’s only natural to contemplate the values and global issues important to you. At the risk of having some of you roll your eyes or unsubscribe (which I truly hope you don’t do), I want to address the current electrically charged environment and ask: “What do you believe in?” 

Whether it cookies and milk at night, lemon water in the morning, women’s rights or health care, take a stand this week. 

To quote MLK, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” So if someone is taking your cookies away, stand up and respectfully say why you think that wrong. Cookies every night can be detrimental to your health, but once in awhile go for it and tell the person to buzz off! 

The same is true of an issue in your community. Do school policies need a refresh? Is your local councilperson unaligned with the needs of the district? Does the community garden look sad and unkempt? Do you have a skill that would benefit others? Roll up your sleeves and get involved. 

We’re all busy and it’s hard to guide change. I’m here to say, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Be curious and inquisitive.

My husband has a pet peeve about the building elevators: although he the most impatient person I know, he thinks it a huge waste of energy to hit both elevator buttons and he’s right! He will literally wait for the doors to open and chastise whoever walks out. Embarrassing yet I applaud him for his passion.

Small changes right?

Just look at these every-day-people who turned theirs into influence and change:

  • The ice bucket challenge (which has now raised over $115 million for ALS) got started by a friendly competition between cousins.
  • Candy Lightner founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in 1980 from her home after the death of her 13-year old daughter. Before then, there were little to no legal consequences for driving while intoxicated, no seatbelt laws and the drinking age 18.
  • Newly divorced and struggling to make ends meet, single mom Joanne Rowling turned to work on the novel she had been outlining for five years, igniting a love of reading to millions. Yup, the Harry Potter series!  
  • Sara Blakely cut the feet out of her control top pantyhose, and threw them on under her white pants to create a thinner and smoother look. Without ever taking a business class, working in fashion or retail and just $5K to her name, she launched Spanx (now a $400+ million company).

Heroism can take many forms, from opening the door for someone on crutches or inventing butt-beautifying under garments, to laughing with someone going through a challenging diagnosis or volunteering for a cause the moves you.

So whether it speaking up for equal rights, food waste, a wheelchair ramp, running for office, or those cookies. Go for it. 

If you see a tweet or two from me this week, or a photo at an event for women’s rights or one to encourage people to remain vigilant and educated about local and national policy change I believe in, know that I stand by you and respect your right to be passionate about your causes as well. In fact, I encourage you to stand up for what you believe in, especially this week.

What will you stand up for today? Please share! 

Standing with you,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™