Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Peanut butter everywhere

Marjorie Spitz Rento4 Comments
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I was carrying too much as I went to sit down to write today’s blog. My breakfast, a cup of tea, napkin, phone and computer. I think you know where this is going.

Off tumbled my bowl of sliced apple smeared with chunky peanut butter, and full cup of tea. Mint tea, sticky peanut butter and dishes were everywhere. The floor, the coffee table, the remote controls. It’s amazing what a mess even a small amount of food and drink makes. Thank goodness Bob wasn’t here to see it (he’s a neat freak).

It took me 20 minutes to clean it up. Stuff happens and it’s easy to get off track or negative.

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Who knows, maybe that little incident saved me from mindlessly scarfing down my food or drove me to clean some germy remotes? At least it didn’t get all over my computer, which would have been disastrous.

It’s important to celebrate the wins! Do you?

Consider the thousands of decisions you make in a day, whether about nutrition (some say we make 262 food choices a day!), activities (social or physical), at work, or otherwise.

Each choice is an opportunity to put you on a path to success:

  • Side salad vs french fries
  • Steps vs the elevator
  • Water at the start of meal vs alcoholic beverage
  • Making a dr. appointment vs putting it off
  • Dinner with a friend vs walking together first
  • Deep breathing vs lamenting on how stressed you feel
  • Complimenting a colleague vs getting caught up in your day
  • “Yes and-ing” someone’s statement vs inserting a “but…”
  • Milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate

The list goes on…

Small decisions make big differences and something as simple as replacing a piece of white bread with whole wheat is a win. Acknowledge yourself for each success, as small as it may be.

It’s helpful to understand your energy patterns.

Decision making skills can fatigue by the end of the day, which often will result in rash, poor, or no decisions at all.

If you’re one of those people who starts the day with good intentions, but by  3:00 you reach for the caffeine or have trouble focusing at work, plan around that. Use the morning as thinking time and to make important decisions, and the afternoon for more routine tasks.

If it takes you half the time to review documents or create presentations in the morning when the mind is fresh, cater to that and your other patterns as often as possible.

When you fall of, don’t beat yourself up, just commit to making a better choice next time.

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I challenge you to select one day this week to make a list of each win. At bedtime, review the list and celebrate the mini successes – I’m sure there are many.

It’s so easy to let the negative influence your whole day, like my sticky peanut butter laden floor. You get to choose what a happens next: a woe is me response, or a chuckle, clean up and step forward. Make a choice celebration worthy.

Winfully Yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker