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Tuesdays with MOJO/Where would you go?

Marjorie Spitz Rento1 Comment

Is your passport up to date? Mine is about to expire and as I take steps to renew it, I got to thinking about my next excursion (whether within the country or not).

It’s unusual for me to have an almost expired passport, as I like to be at-the-ready to take advantage of spontaneous opportunities to explore or go on a jaunt.

If you could take off for anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

The NY Times recently published a list of 52 places to go for inspiration.

Conveniently, there’s even a website called

Dreaming about that next vacation is not frivolous. In fact, it could actually relieve stress, increase productivity and send those happy hormones soaring, especially if in a cold place in the dead of long dark winter days.

Picture yourself on a beach/in a European city/on that hiking trail/(fill in the blank here). Take a deep breath, close your eyes and really picture and feel it throughout your body, in the air you breathe, and up and down your spine. Just that alone will slow your heart rate and calm your nervous system. Imagine if you took actual steps to plan something!

Whether a near, far away place or staycation, or a long or short period of time, spending time disconnected from the day-to-day work routine reaps strong benefits such as:

  • boosts in creativity
  • opportunities to improve fitness and nutrition habits
  • time to get quality sleep
  • freedom to have flexibility in your schedule
  • electronic-free zones to give your fingers, eyes and shoulders a break
  • chances to reconnect and strengthen relationships with loved ones

And that all leads to a stronger immune system and thus healthier body and mind.

If a break in the near future out of the question, play with the idea of a summer or fall escape, or even just an afternoon off.

Start throwing spare change or $5 bills in a jar to help fund the excursion, a fairly painless way to save.

Where would you go? Give yourself the gift of even a short bit of playtime, and notice the rewards.

Off we go,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™