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Tuesdays with MOJO/The joys of newfound free time

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Many in the northeast found themselves preparing for today’s blizzard. Schools closed, some subway lines shut down, markets flooded with those in need of sustenance (note: this always amuses me, because in a NYC snowstorm one can still get food delivered, or walk down the street to a restaurant or market, but I digress), and people hunkered down.

Meetings were canceled or replaced with phone calls, and many are working from home in their jammies. For me, it’s just another day in my home office, but for many it’s a new adventure. Admit it, you’re playing a bit of hooky today.

I approve! Isn’t it joyful to have newfound free time? 

What activities do you gravitate toward when you happen upon free time?

It’s a great excuse to let your creativity flag fly and fill the time with something you love.


Snuggle up with a book


Binge watch a series

Call a friend



Do a home workout

Clean (it can feel so good to get organized!)

Believe it or not, any of those things can result in greater productivity. Yes you heard me right, a snow day can lead to better performance on the job, for the very same reason great ideas often come to light in the shower (and rarely while at the desk). As I’ve written in a previous blog, the isolation, comfort and relaxation of the shower frees the mind for fresh thoughts. 

Personally, I get a lot of my ideas while on a walk or among nature.

So use this snow day to open yourself up to new ideas and maybe even new activities.

Ever wanted to try meditation? Well go for it!

Why not take that puzzle out of the box?  Some proven creativity exercises to improve focus include puzzles, coloring, drawing, painting and writing (among other things). Give it a try!

What will you do with this newfound free time? Whatever you do, savor and reflect on it. I’m pretty certain it will feel so good and reap such wonderful rewards that you’ll want to schedule some future “snow day” time on your calendar on purpose.

Once again, I approve with a whole-hearted smile and pat on the back.

And for those of you not snowed in, give it a try anyway and enjoy.

Joyfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™