Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Eeeew!

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Where did your feet take you this morning? Outside, around the office, to a public bathroom, out with the dog, across a lawn or asphalt?

Now consider, what is on the bottom of your shoes? Sure you notice when you step in gum or dog poop, but there are a lot of invisible critters that stick to your shoes and make their way back into your home. Eeeew!

Before you start dry heaving and get all grossed out, understand that there is a reason we have shoes.

They were invented to protect our feet from painful rocks, debris, injury and weather. But they also protect us from bacteria and toxins that can lead to illness. Yes those pretty stilettos can protect you from E. coli and other gnarly dangers.

I’ve touched on this before, and it’s time for a refresher! With the warm weather approaching, you are more likely to spend time strolling around the hood, tracking in who-knows-what, and then walking your pretty bare feet in it. Double eeeew!

I make my husband take off his shoes when he first walks in and am often met with a snarl. But with carpet in our entryway, it really is for our own best interest.

A University of Houston study found that “39% of shoes contained bacteria C. diff (otherwise known as Clostridium difficile), which is a public health threat that is now also resistant to a number of antibiotics. C. diff infections can cause multiple health conditions such as bad diarrhea which can also progress to colon inflammation and further serious health problems, especially if it doesn’t respond to antibiotic treatment effectively.”  Yuk!

In addition, “most public restroom floors contain around 2 million bacteria per square inch (interestingly enough the average toilet seat only contains about 50 per square inch)…Fecal matter, multiple forms of bacteria causing fecal matter as well as infections and inflammation of the colon, germs, chemicals, petroleum and so much more (are on those shoes).” Double yuk!

Even if you only wear shoes inside for just a few moments, once you strip down to bare feet, you are vulnerable and exposed to these icky elements.

When I started using essential oils I was intrigued when told to apply them to my feet, and there are many articles stating why:

  • The pores on the feet are thicker than the rest of the body, which allows the oils to be absorbed more quickly and thus reach the bloodstream faster.
  • In the practice of reflexology, every nerve line in the body ends in the feet. The areas of the feet correspond to the body’s organs and systems. Thus, what impacts your feet impacts those areas as well.

You do not want those aforementioned elements absorbed into your body!

So, mark a place by the door and take the darn shoes off upon entering (ideally before entering).

Think of it this way: less dirt to clean, and a good excuse to get some fun slippers! Small changes, right?

Shoelessly yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™