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Tuesdays with MOJO/Look up

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

During an early morning walk on the beach hopeful to see dolphins, I encountered a spotted seal instead. If I didn't look up, I probably would have tripped right over him, and more likely scared him off before even noticing. It got me pondering about what we seek, and what actually presents itself – what you desire can appear in many forms. Will you recognize it?

Let me back up: I recently moved back into our seasonal place in Montauk. I often search for sea glass as I stroll on the beach. Sometimes I wonder what I miss, since although meditative, I’m so focused looking down trying to spot a shiny treasure among the sand, shells and rocks, instead of up at the vast beautiful world.

As I was enjoying my glorious walk early Sunday morning, alternating between looking at the water for a dolphin, and searching the sand for my coveted sea glass, my focus was narrow. When for no reason, I decided to look up and saw an unusual form ahead. A log? A rock? A washed up fish? Oh no, I hoped it not a sick seal! I held my breath as I waited for signs of life, when HE MOVED! I was thrilled – a spotted seal pup! Experts say not to get too close so as not to cause distress, so I cautiously made my way up the beach to give my new friend some space. I’m sure he was annoyed at the interruption to his sunbath. I enthusiastically watched him waddle his way to the water, bob around, and swim off.

I felt inspired, giddy, and blessed to see such a sight while all alone on the vast beach. Thank goodness I looked up! I contemplated my earlier intention: “Was I really seeking dolphins”? Not really, I just wanted to see something special from the the ocean and I did. If I hadn’t taken my eyes off the water I would have missed it altogether.

Is your focus too narrow? Do you allow your mind to be open enough to recognize gifts or “alternative suggestions” that may appear in unexpected packaging? Your brain and mind aren’t the same thing, and it takes practice to open up the heart and head to new possibilities. Have the patience and awareness to notice and act on signs along the way.

Whether it a seal in place of a dolphin, or a business opportunity in an unusual form, allow yourself some room to spot it, even if that line of thinking takes you out of your comfort zone.

Wikihow has an interesting article on how to expand your mind if you want to dig in.

Experiment– be adventurous, accepting and flexible and notice what happens. It may take a very interesting form indeed!

Openly yours

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™