Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Are you too stressed to seek stress relief?

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

I often hear people say they don’t have time for stress relief practices. He/she typically states it in a rigid tone with little room for conversation. The “stress” is almost worn like a badge.

It breaks my heart.

Last night I spoke with a very interesting and successful architect. She had recently turned 70 and didn’t look it, however that’s a common falsehood – look fine on the outside, but the insides disagree!

She spoke of night terrors awaking her; being stricken with sudden pain while on a majestic ski slope (so much so that she dropped to her knees, was transported to a hospital and diagnosed with ulcers); and being more concerned with someone’s doorknob than her own health. When I suggested her body wasn’t only talking to her but screaming at her, she wholeheartedly agreed. Yet, she seemed to have no intention of making any changes.

As a health coach and group facilitator, I can’t make someone implement changes. I have no magic pills or supernatural powers. What I can do is listen, guide and collaborate to draw out actions he/she is ready to take, without imposing judgments or even recommendations. The recommendations need to come from within.

Some find that excruciating, and instead want me to just tell them what to do. What to eat, where to go, how to behave. But if I do, failure is imminent.

Have you ever said one of these statements?

  • I never leave my desk for lunch.
  • It’s a wonder I have time to pee.
  • I don’t have time to fill my glass with water.
  • I only sleep 4 hours a night.

I don’t mean to belittle how hard you work or how much you may be juggling. It is reality and life can be truly challenging! Seriously, though, say one of those statements out loud.

Do you hear how ridiculous it sounds? I recognize there are days when one or more of those things are true. However, if you regularly can’t find time to go to the bathroom, something’s gotta give. Neither your body nor mind can sustain that.

You are never too stressed to seek stress relief.

Interestingly, when I offer to run a “stressed out” individual through a 30 second breathing exercise, the offer is usually enthusiastically accepted. Upon completion, 100% of the time the recipient recognizes a notable difference between before and after the activity. Literally in a 30 second practice.

And studies show even short, simple practices (whether breathing, stepping away, expressing creativity through coloring or puzzle solving, stretching, laughing or connecting with a loved one) result in a more focused individual. Yes, although it sounds counterintuitive, actually stepping away will lead to better performance.

It’s time to get out of your own way. No martyrs here please! Your boss/colleague/partner/kid/friend all want you to be a healthy, productive, happy and high performing individual.

No one can do the work but you. Change is hard. Are you ready?

If so, let's do it! Spring is the perfect time to consider changes and new beginnings, whether it around career, relationships, nutrition, fitness, finances or home environment.

Take a moment to pinpoint one thing you want to achieve by the end of the summer. So as not to overwhelm yourself, just choose one! Life is a journey; there is plenty of time to add to the list.

Once you choose, determine one small thing you can start doing today to lead you to success. Write it down and hang it in a prominent place where you will see it. Follow that practice for two weeks and note progress. Don’t get down on yourself if you falter, just try again.

After two weeks, choose another small thing you can start to do toward achieving that goal and add it. And so on.

By breaking the steps into small actions (I call them MOJO Makers™), the tasks ahead become manageable and before you know it you’ve made huge strides toward achieving your goal.

So take the time to put stress relief practices in place, and see yourself become more resilient and soar.


Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

P.S. Want a guide during this process? Contact me for a complimentary MOJO Maker™ session.