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Positivity = with higher electrical potential

I was walking through a very crowded Grand Central Station the other morning and saw a 30-ish year old woman wearing a full-on sparkly top. You know, like one your Aunt Silvia might wear to a bat-mitzvah, yet this gal seemed on her way to work.

I thought, “You go girl! Why not get your sparkle on first thing in the morning?!”

When we choose to set a sparkle-like intention for the day, we are more likely to shine and actually fulfill that intention.

Similarly, when we feel super confident, we radiate energy and passion, and people take notice.

Alternatively, when we let the saboteur have its way and act harshly toward ourselves, the result can be toxic.

In all three cases, the tone is set from within and impacts all areas of life, whether during a meeting, conversation, workout, or even in nutrition choices.

You hold the power to create a mighty attitude. Will it be one that leads to success or disappointment? You have a choice: elect to train your brain to be positive, “crowd out” unproductive lines of thinking, and thus open a path toward success:

negative positive.jpg
  • Stop playing the blame game: Is there always someone else or circumstances to blame for your difficulties? Don’t act like a victim – be the master of your route. Take responsibility for successes and failures, adjust. and move on.
  • Be a “yes and” person: Do you live in the world of “but”? Imagine a week where you replaced the word “but” (a fault word), with “yes and” (building words). Try it and note the change in responses from those around you (including the universe).
  • Let it go: Do you hesitate for fear of what someone else may think? Trust me, no one will judge you as harshly as you will. Let go of worrying about what others think and go, do, be and have faith.  
  • There is no “bad” or “good”: Do you call yourself “bad” when diverted off course? Stop it! Don’t use “being bad” as permission to continue behavior that is inconsistent with your goals. If, for example, you’re off sweets and you eat an ice cream sundae, enjoy it! Don't kick yourself, just make a different choice next time.

I’m also a fan of asking “What if” (in the “consider the possibilities” way), as opposed to “If only” (which expresses regret).

You can read a more extended article about "dropping toxic thoughts" here.

The point is to experiment and discover what makes you sparkle, and note when you are more joyful, productive and at peak performance. Please share, and spread the shine. Twinkle, twinkle.

Shinefully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™