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Tuesdays with MOJO/Be uncomfortable

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Do you feel physical pain somewhere in your body? Good—it’s your body conveying information. Don’t mask it, listen to it. How else would you know if something is wrong or needs to be addressed?

I was inspired by a recent NY Times article from a U.S. woman about her experience having surgery while living in Germany.

Unlike here in the U.S. where ibuprofen is taken like candy, over the counter meds exist for just about everything, and prescription medications abundant, German surgeons and anesthesiologists instead prescribe something beautiful and duh-like: pay attention to the signs the body sends and healing will follow. “Pain after surgery is normal,” her doctor said. And the severity of it can indicate healing or complication. Take notice.

  • Painful to be in a certain position? Don’t use that position.
  • Tired? Sleep.
  • Difficulty moving around? Rest.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in the wonders of science and recognize the advancements and marvels medications offer. But in this case of a common laparoscopic surgery when a few days of rest and discomfort will result in perfectly fine healing, is pumping ourselves with narcotics really necessary (especially given the rate of opioid addiction in this country and the price we pay for it, both financially and with lives)?

meds 2.JPG

When I injured my knee, I was offered prescription after prescription for painkillers, and when needed I was grateful for them (thank goodness I don’t have addictive qualities). Quite a different story from these doctor’s methods.

“The German doctors were telling me that being uncomfortable is OK,” she said.

Feeling discomfort is also normal when incorporating new habits. Change is hard and uncomfortable, and it’s meant to be that way. If adopting new habits were easy, the weight loss industry wouldn’t be worth the billions it is today (estimated at $64 billion in 2014).

Remember Jane Fonda and the “no pain, no gain” motto? I’m not a believer in exercise until it hurts, but I do believe we need to challenge ourselves in order to achieve greatness. Do you?

When is the last time you challenged yourself, or let yourself feel the pain? Do you instead ignore or mask it with meds or distractions? Be courageous! Stop and take an objective look at yourself, your self-sabotage mechanisms and implement steps toward change.

Break steps into small chunks will feel more manageable and less painful, similar to bursts of rest one needs after a minor surgical procedure.

So, do a body scan right now, and note where you feel pain. Is it physical, emotional or both? What is your body telling you? Will you ignore it, or address it? Write your own prescription for remedy, and allow yourself to feel the pain. Use it as an instructor and indicator toward peace and an abundant existence.

Uncomfortably yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™