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Tuesdays with MOJO/Wow I needed that

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Wow I needed that.

Last night I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to write about today. This morning the same. I figured it would come to me eventually (I said to myself nervously). But what if it didn’t?  

So, I went to yoga. And it did come to me.

challenge screen shot.jpg

Truth be told I felt guilty about taking an hour out to go to yoga when I had so much work to do. I just kicked off started a new 6-month project for a hospitality group to create and implement their guest, employee and shareholder experience programming. For Balance Integration I’m in the middle of 500-person happiness challenge and am deep into 2019 planning for a key client. Business development and sales is always in full swing. I’m coaching a few clients and co-creating a course on hormone health.

With all that to do (and mostly just me to hold myself accountable), how could I possibly take time out for yoga?

But I did and now the words are flowing out of me as good as I flowed during class. My back feels great, my hips open and well stretched, lungs full of clean air and head clear and sharp.

I needed that one-hour class for me and for you, in order that I could walk out a more productive and whole person and healer.



Your thing may not be yoga but instead perhaps a quick walk away from the desk, water break or sweaty outdoor workout. Whatever it is, stop with the excuses and make time to do it. There’s no such thing as too busy -- if you really want to do something, you will.  Without guilt or self-judgement, practice carving out that time for just one week and note the impact on your life.

Perhaps you feel more peaceful, clear, strong, productive, happy, or accomplished. The results may surprise you and you too may recognize how much you really needed it.

Whatever it is, do it for you. Who knows, the words (or whatever it is that isn’t coming to you right now) may flow right out of you.

Wowfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief Mojo Maker™