Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Pressed for time? Do this

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

My husband and I just returned from a delightful vacation in Montauk. The weather sucked for a good part of the week, so we entertained ourselves by seeing friends, staring at the ferocious ocean waves, hitting the bowling alley (I won!), eating delicious meals (a bit too much I might add) and sipping slightly too much wine. The best part was the uninterrupted quality time together with no hurried agenda – something we rarely get.


Of course, we also got in some workouts. Yoga (me). Surfing (him). Power walks (both of us). But the most intense workout we did was a 20-minute exercise circuit I set up in our tiny cottage that left us sweaty and breathless.

Workouts don’t have to be lengthy and costly to be effective!

In fact, a NY Times article cites “An inspiring new study of how much — or little — weight training is needed to improve muscles’ strength and size finds that we may be able to gain almost the same muscular benefits with a single, brief set of each exercise.” In as little as 13 minutes!

What would you rather do:

A.  Intense hour-long taxing workouts?

B.   Minutes-long workouts that still get you results?

In today’s super busy world, answer “B” is a no-brainer. I often recommend burst workouts to my clients, especially those who have limited time. Instead of foregoing a workout, just shorten it!

We are all unique individuals. Test how your body feels for a month and see for yourself. Heck if a shortcut exists that results in the same benefits, why not take it? 

So, what was our vacation 20-minute sweaty workout?

  1. 1-minute of jumping jacks to warm up

  2. 5 stations (50 seconds each station, with a 10 second rest ), 3X:

    A.  Squats

    B.  Band Walks

    C.  Crawl Out Push-ups

    D.  Bicycle Crunch

    E.   Plank (10 seconds), Push-ups (10)

Yeah, no wonder we were sweaty, right?


Feel free to make up your own, and like the article said, experiment with doing one set until exhaustion.  As always, just be sure to use good form so as not to injure yourself. You can also try the NYY times 7-minute workout, or apps like SworkIt.

Regardless, stop beating yourself up about skipping workouts and just do something. Anything. Then you can hurry on your way. Just stare at this beautiful Montauk sunset first.

Breathlessly Yours, 

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™