Small changes make big differences.

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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Last night my niece took me to see the incredible Cecile Richards. She and Lauren Peterson, her colleague and speech writer, wrote a book Make Trouble, encouraging people to basically “go for it,” whatever it may be.

When asked for the best advice that her mom ever gave, she replied how the housewife turned Texas governor would say to “just get busy” – you only have one life, don’t waste it.

So often, we think we need the next training, degree, deep understanding, or 1,000 hours of practice before ready for that job, speaking engagement or whatever the opportunity at hand.

But who is ever ready?

My peer coach and I discuss this (also known as “imposture syndrome”) a lot. I have my health coach certification, hormone health certification, as well as have worked as a coach, facilitator and wellness expert for years and yet sometimes wonder if I’m qualified. (Sexist note: Men don’t usually suffer from this syndrome.)

Well enough! We don’t have to be perfect to be great.

The recent retreat I co-led was the first of many to come. Having never led a 24-hour/3-day intensive before, I had my concerns, but they were all for naught. Even over a week later we are receiving emails from attendees sharing the impact the experience continues to have on them.

Lesson learned: forge ahead and do something. It’s likely to be great, and regardless you will learn from it and the next time will be great(er).

Given that, I would like to announce I am creating a course on balancing hormones, and you have the opportunity to inform it!

Being a 53-year old woman who is very aware of body shifts in and of itself somewhat qualifies me for this endeavor.


Layer in having fulfilled a 6-month intensive course on the very topic (achieving 100% on my final!)  


Ready or not, I’m going for it. Why waste time arguing with the voice in my head saying “you’re not ready” when you fine folks can benefit from my experience now?


Thus, in next week’s TWM I will include a survey requesting input to understand the areas of interest that most resonate and concern you in regard to hormone balance and health. I appreciate your transparent feedback. If you are overflowing with ideas and just can’t wait, feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts. I’m all ears!

Now it’s your turn. What is on the horizon for you? What exactly is holding you back from pursuing it? Is it you? Consider instead saying “yes” and get busy going for it. Time is a-wasting!

Getting busy,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™