Small changes make big differences.

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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Do you want the quick fix? Magic pill? The answer? Well here is the answer: there is none. Yeah it sucks. Check please! 

Most people live life focused on the end game, such as getting married, having a child, attaining a certain job title, acquiring “enough” money, or (fill in the blank here). Life is a series of steps, one rickety step at a time -- there is no elevator to the top, so you might as well find a way to enjoy the ride.

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Each day provides an opportunity to learn, and life is an ongoing process. What I did in my 20’s is different from what I’d do now, because it’s informed by experiences I’ve had, choices I’ve made and the context at the time. Do you embrace the journey or want a quick ride to the top?

I recognize that remaining present and taking the stairs may feel s-l-o-w, and if in a difficult period of life can even be painful.

My dear friends just lost their dog to cancer, which was unexpected and fast. They are shocked and saddened, yet even in the height of their grief have found the strength to think of their beloved pet with a smile. They choose to focus on the happy times as opposed to harboring anger about her death. They are acutely aware of the mutual love and beautiful ride they shared together and are grateful for all the small moments that have added up over the years.

They took the stairs.

When my husband is sick, he’s not interested in the “why” and he absolutely refuses to slow down. He just wants the meds and will push through work, travel, skiing…whatever, no matter how sick. But even in that uncomfortable state, I suggest you consider the journey. The elevator to the top may mask the root cause and avert your attention from listening to your body or the universe.

Yes, I said universe! I’ve had some of my most life-changing experiences when forced to sit my butt down and consider my movements.

The only reason I was in the city the hot August Sunday I met Bob was because I had recently undergone foot surgery and wasn’t as mobile. I had to be thoughtful about where I went, how I got there and prioritize.

I also joined Balance Integration (where I impact the lives of thousands of people through our corporate culture activation programming) after having crushed my knee skiing. It forced me to break from my usual routine of juggling multiple initiatives at once and consider what I wanted to do and who to do it with.


This is not all to say that you should drift through life and go around breaking bones in order to fulfill a goal.

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The point is to navigate the life you have TODAY, as you strive toward the one you want down the road. Use your vision as motivation and live the now and enjoy the small moments that will move you forward.

Elevator, schmelavator. I’ll take the stairs anytime!

Stairfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

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