Small changes make big differences.

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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Feel tense or stressed?
  • Know you want to make a change, but don’t know how?
  • Constantly feel like you’re not worthy or suffer from imposture syndrome?
  • Want to heal and need a little support to take the next step?
  • Have no time to plan a weekend getaway?
  • Yearning to take time for yourself?

A short respite from the routine may just be the answer!


Sure, any weekend getaway provides opportunities to recharge and reset. However, they also offer temptation to over-imbibe and run yourself ragged with activities, leaving you feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation!

That’s why I recommend going on a retreat.

What I love about retreats is they present the chance to do something life-altering as well as to take a look through a different lens to see life in a new way. Thus, yielding an experience that extends beyond a couple of days, leaving you with behavioral adjustments that infiltrate your daily life going forward.

My top six reasons for going on a beach retreat:

  1. A true break from daily life to stop and look at what you’re doing in a fun and objective way.
  2. A mix of solitude and “get away from it all-ness,” along with expert guidance, ocean air and sand between the toes, provides a real opportunity for attitude adjustment, self-commitment and adaptation of tools and mechanisms to keep you on track.
  3. Allows for a deep dive into intention setting with true purpose in mind.
  4. An opportunity to focus on areas of improvement with expert led exercises to generate real movement on them.
  5. Grants space to hit the reset button.
  6. Equips you with tools to bring the sounds of the ocean waves and the practices you learned back home and integrated within your life, so you don’t get stuck in pre-existing habits.

Regardless of whether you attend one of my Montauk Retreats, another’s, or structure your own, the key is to schedule time to give yourself the space to be the human being you aspire for.


At our May “Sleepscape” Retreat dedicated to getting quality sleep, we found the deeper we dug, the more we uncovered the root cause of any sleep issues: it was less about sleep and more about building self-confidence, taking a beat to examine what was going on, letting go of self-sabotaging thoughts and habits, creating the space to allow new thinking and allowing for self-kindness and forgiveness.

That’s why we made the theme of our next Montauk Retreat around recuperating, reenergizing and resetting, because that’s really what made the first one so powerful.

The practices that will embody the September 14-16 retreat allow for:

  • Solitude and space
  • Shaking up the daily routine
  • Access to nature in all its magnificent glory
  • Healing
  • Support from like-minded people
  • Access to three experts to guide the way

Plus, September typically has most spectacular weather in Montauk! Again, regardless of whether you join us, literally pull up your calendar right now and block out time for YOU to shake things up and institute new habits to put you on the path to be your best self as you define it. Make it a priority for 2018 to get to the root cause of what’s blocking you and face it straight on. Not only because you deserve it, but because you will also be a better friend, partner, parent, colleague and human being for it.

Retreatfully Yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

For details and pricing for the upcoming “Montauk Retreat: A Reset by the Beach” go here. Limited space is available and, due to low room inventory in Montauk, the pricing will increase 10% after August 1. I will send a special gift to everyone who signs up by then!