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Tuesdays with MOJO/My new fave workout

Marjorie Spitz Rento1 Comment

I am spent. Every muscle in my body is activated and my energy is soaring.

Was it Barry’s Bootcamp? Soul Cycle? Cross Fit? A run or yoga class? Nope, nope and triple nope. It is my new favorite workout, and I want you to try it.

As I was winding down from “girls weekend” by the ocean in beautiful Montauk, I set out for my morning beach walk in search of seaglass. I LOVE collecting sea glass. The meditative sound of the ocean and laser focus on finding the glass gets my heart pounding, lungs breathing deeply and mind clear.

beach garbage in bin with water view.JPG

The beach was gorgeous and the waves thunderous from a storm. However, instead of beach glass, I found this: Ropes. Balloons. A shoe. A bin. Bottle caps. Cans. Plastic gallon water bottles (2!). A shoe insert. Buoys. Broken glass. String. Straws. Tampon applicator (no, I did NOT touch it). Food wrappers…You get the picture.

The angry ocean had churned up and spit out what the boaters, beach goers and swimmers fed it (whether purposely or not), and the thought of it getting washed back out with the tide weighed on me.

You see, these items not only pollute the waters, but they get twisted around the sea life, often resulting in suffocation. The fish also eat it (especially the small pieces), poisoning or killing them and impacting the fish supply. And then guess what happens – we eat the fish (and whatever they’ve eaten), which can be toxic to our system.

So, my seaglass hunting excursion instead became a garbage collecting expedition and what an energizing work out it was! Squats to pick up pieces large and small. Interval training to speed up and slow down upon approaching a new “treasure.” Intense arm work to carry the bin which got heavier and heavier as the haul became bigger and bigger. Calf strengthening to walk among the alternating packed and lose sand. Activated core to protect my back while I lifted and carried all the “loot.” Heart pumping to both console it from breaking and support the blood sending oxygen throughout my body.

People saw what I was doing and joined in. One shared that those washed up balloons make for good garbage bags to collect items. Good to note for next time!

By the time I made it back to my exit, I had put in well over an hour’s workout, and the beach was…pristine. Just as I like it and perfect for the people heading down to enjoy it.

I had just done the perfect (and my new favorite) workout for not only exercising the body and mind, but also for cleaning up the environment and creating community. This is true proof that one person can make a difference!

I encourage you to also try this workout, whether for 10 minutes or for hours. And on days that you cannot make it to the beach, a lake or park, please consider following these protocols starting today:

  • Stop releasing balloons into the sky. They end up in our oceans. Your kids will understand if you explain it to them.
  • Ask your favorite dining and drinking establishments to use paper straws or none at all. Plastic straws account for a significant amount of ocean pollution.
  • Recycle (period)
  • Do my new MOJO Beach Revive workout as described above. Adapt it to wherever you are! Heck I think I’ll incorporate it into our September Montauk Retreat, along with some yoga and meditation!

Keeping it clean,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

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