Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Your brain wants you to do this

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Get up. Right now. If you know what’s good for your brain you will take a 30-second walk. While you’re at it, grab some water and hydrate (which will make your brain even happier).

You may think that remaining glued to your desk leads to getting more work done, but what quality of work are you actually producing?

I recently had a session with a lovely client who freshly recommitted to improving her health. She is an experienced and well-respected ad executive whose calendar gets so booked she has to block off time to pee. Sound familiar?

As you can imagine, this leads to little time to actually get the work done, eat mindfully or even get up (let alone stretch).

She smartly wants to institute a 50 minute meeting protocol to have the 10 mins in between to transport herself to the next meeting in a human way, with time for a bio break, get a drink or think. Brilliant (why don’t companies do that?)!

As as a strategy to help her be more focused and feel less stressed, we agreed to start a twice daily practice to stand up and walk the long hallway from her desk and back, without people, papers or electronics (save for music headphones if she likes). In just one week she’s reported feeling clearer and less tense. Try it!

According to an August 15th NY Times article, “Sitting for hours without moving can slow the flow of blood to our brains…a finding that could have implications for long-term brain health. But getting up and strolling for just two minutes every half-hour seems to stave off this decline in brain blood flow and may even increase it.”

A recent study found 66 percent of participants felt more productive with a one-hour increase of standing time, while 71 percent of people felt more focused.

Yes, the study was small, but combined with others citing that walking away from the desk/couch/driver’s seat on a regular basis increases focus, productivity and fitness levels, it’s just one more reason to take action and step away regularly (whether for 30-seconds, two minutes or longer).

I work from home but even I sometimes go straight from the bed to the computer and the next thing you know my hubby is home from work and there I am still in my jammies, having only gotten up to go to the bathroom or grab something from the fridge all day. Welcome home honey! (That’s why I always ask him to let me know when he’s on his way – to give me notice to get cleaned up, but I digress).


In this case, don’t be like me!

Nothing (and I mean nothing) is so important that you cannot step away for a few moments to refresh and reset your brain. In fact, you may find you come back with a new solution to a problem and/or a fresh line of thinking. AND, you’ll be taking steps to keep your brain happy and healthy for years to come.

Brainfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

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