Small changes make big differences.

Celebrate. Reflect. Remember. Forgive.

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I am OOO today for the Jewish New Year. Sending you lots of MOJO during this special holiday where we celebrate the upcoming year, reflect on how we lived over last year and come clean with ourselves and our loved ones where forgiveness may play a role.

Given the holiday falls on the tragic anniversary of September 11 this year, it is doubly meaningful to me. It’s been 17 years, and sometimes it still feel as if it’s yesterday.

Below is what I posted on Facebook at the 12th anniversary and it still rings true today:

12 yrs ago today. There are so many things I will never forget: The mayhem. The smell. The unknown. The tears. The strength. I am so grateful to those who helped, whether they were local, displaced or came from afar. I remember you with a smile. Even though I didn't know so many of them, I will always miss and think of those who lost their lives and send wishes of support to their loved ones every day. I am so grateful for those close to me who escaped, and for the kindness of strangers. Take a moment today to stop, take a breath and remember. And if possible, please engage in a random act of kindness. I love you my friends and family and am sending virtual hugs.  

In 2015 I dedicated a Tuesdays with MOJO to “taking back September,” my favorite month. I try to every year.

So often we take others for granted, but not today. In honor of these two special dates, no matter what your religion or faith, express to someone you care about what he/she means to you today.

Wishing you and yours a happy and a healthy, and if you’re being impacted by Hurricane Florence please be safe!

Reflectfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™