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Tuesdays with MOJO/Sunrise or Sunset?

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Are you a sunrise or sunset person? Think about it. Regardless of whether you are a morning person or a night owl, which warms your heart?

When I watch the sunset, I get chills. I’m drawn to the light, the coolness of the air the moment it goes down, the symbolism of the end of daylight forever that particular day. I feel a part of something bigger than myself, and time stands still for a moment. I can’t help but be mindful and present.

montauket sunset.JPG

When I am in Montauk, I go to my beloved Montauket – a divey bar restaurant with a potholed filled parking lot, uneven patio, classic rock on the juke box and familiar faces I’ve seen there for decades.

It is the absolute best place for a sunset in the world. To the right are California-like cliffs, to the left a bay with rippling gentle waves, and straight ahead a world that goes on forever. In the summer the sun sets right over the water. I have yet to see the “green flash,” but continue to hope! I probably have 1,000 photos of it from over the years, each time trying to capture the magic, to no avail.

sunrise felicia.JPG

When in other places of the word, I often post a photo on social media with the caption, “It’s no Montauket, but it doesn’t suck.”  

Others may feel the same way about the sunrise. When I first moved to Montauk, I discovered I was able to see the sunrise over the ocean from my bed. Oh, how I would love to wake up and watch it and go back to sleep. Still, I prefer the sunset.

sunset fire.JPG

During last weekend’s Montauk Reset Retreat we did both: sunset fire on the bay side, sunrise meditation on the ocean side. What a cleansing experience!

I can’t get the gorgeousness of it out of my head.  And on this Yom Kippur eve, the most sacred holiday of the year for Jews take time from work and life to reflect, observe, atone, and be present, I want to encourage you to make time for a sunrise or sunset this week.  

It’s worth nothing that I’m far from the only one obsessed with the rise and fall of the sun. Besides the many spiritual (as well as happy hour) rituals associated with it, have you ever been to Manhattan during “Manhattanhenge” (or Manhattan Solstice), when the sunset and sunrise aligns perfectly in between the buildings between the east and west streets of Manhattan? The police actually block off the streets to traffic as people observe it (hold May 29-31, 2019 for the next one). Google it for some fantastic photos. 

sunset duryheas.JPG

I left the beauty of this weekend inspired by the people who joined us, the power of nature (we saw whales as well as shooting stars!) and the vastness of the sky.

It reminded me to do something I don’t do often enough: take time to be present. When is your special time of day and how can you honor it, so it feeds your soul? Do it – this week (if not today) and see how it influences your ability to be present, and perhaps even be clearer and more productive.

Wishing you lots of light and love.

Sun-fully Yours, 

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™