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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Admit it, whenever you have an ailment or are heading to a medical screening, you hit up Google first. By the time you see a trained medical professional, you’ve come up with a full diagnosis and treatment. I know I’m guilty of this sometimes! 

I’m a strong supporter of being your own health advocate, but instead of seeking Dr. Google, you may want to find a kind doctor.


It wasn’t too long ago that doctors made house calls and were seen as a true partner in health. Now, under the stress of health insurance requirements, visits can be short, cold and intense, leaving you wondering “What just happened?”. It’s no wonder that Google often replaces seeking a skilled opinion. But I recommend otherwise and suggest you just choose wisely. There are a lot of great ones out there!

I had my annual physical last week. My doctor called me by name, looked me in the eye, asked relevant questions about my progress and was personable. I left feeling seen, heard and feeling positive about the experience. Studies show just that alone can have a positive impact on treatment and health outcomes.

Choosing the a kind health professional as part of your health squad is important.

“We found that having a doctor who is warm and reassuring actually improves your health. The simple things a doctor says and does to connect with patients can make a difference for health outcomes.”

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My email signature has read “Please engage in daily random acts of kindness” for over a decade and I have received countless comments about it. Kindness and connection with your doctor are nothing to sneeze at. Words can help or hurt, and warmness, tone and connection all make a difference.

And it doesn’t take much. Doctors can make a difference by simply “smiling, looking patients in the eye and asking their names.”

When you think about it, those are trust-building techniques and stronger trust yields honesty and understanding, and thus better teamwork and results. 

Your health is a number 1 priority. It’s a new year and your healthcare just reset. Maximize it. If your doctor isn’t fitting the bill, commit to spending an hour this week to find one who does. Yelp reviews can provide great inside information in regard to how the doctor treats his/her patience.

I’ll also take this moment to encourage you to consider the role of kindness in how you speak to others. Use today as an experiment to observe the tone you use. Whether in a restaurant, at work or with loved ones, note the response when you are short with someone versus kind. Make adjustments and take notice of what happens. Not only might you make someone’s day, but you also might get better results. 

Kindfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

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