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Tuesdays with MOJO/Yawn

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

I’m tired. 


I woke up yesterday not feeling woke. Ever feel that way? You have to perform yet are dragging. That was me, and I pushed through, but it felt herculean.  

In thinking about why I felt that way, there were many possibilities:

  • The weekend was chock filled with social plans, workouts, seeing off a dear friend who is moving to Montana, helping my mom pack up her apartment after 19 years as she moves to our hood (yay) and little sleep.

  • My hubby was away, making for an empty apartment.

  • A client has been difficult to get a hold of, throwing off my schedule.

But still, I questioned why I woke up yesterday morning dragging.

Given the rack pack and stacked weekend of activities and stress around clients and my mom’s move, it should have come as no surprise to wake up tired. But it was and I was annoyed to start off a new week with little energy.

But really, duh! Of course, I would be spent after all that, and my mistake was not planning for it.

It’s times like that where self-compassion is critical. I took a deep inhale and just went with it. I acknowledged how I felt, shared it with those counting on me in order to set their expectations, gave myself some room to take breaks, and ate and drank supportive foods. I focused on tasks that didn’t need a lot of creativity and felt like big achievements.

Importantly, I was kind to myself.


How do you address fatigue? Do you observe what contributed to you feeling that way, and set yourself up for success? Can you give yourself a break and take actions that will get you back on track?

Take a moment to list 1-3 things you could do to be more kind to yourself this week. You deserve it! 

As for me, I’m going to focus on hydration (which will help me eliminate and sleep better), sniff my favorite essential oil as I lay my head down to rest, and hit the hay a bit earlier this week.

And if that doesn’t work, I will give myself a hug and try again.

Woke-fully yours, 

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

Speaking of self-compassion, the next Montauk Retreat will be all about it. Move over icky self-sabotage, it’s time to awaken the voice of self-compassion and unleash your confidence. May 31-June 2.