Small changes make big differences.

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Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

We are on to something BIG.

As a group, we know that making small changes leads to transformation and through making incremental adjustments and “nudges” we achieve more consistent and long-term results. Going from zero to 1,000 does not work, period.


It’s especially important to remind yourself of that during this time of year when you may have set some lofty goals and are already feeling the pressure of missing the target. Maybe you’ve hit the gym a few times or gotten on the lengthy salad line at your local lunch hub like these well-intentioned folks.

I applaud you. Do you have the three things you need in place to truly succeed? 

I have been hearing a lot about the power of small changes lately. 

I was thrilled to see the New York Times embrace the concept and start a 30 Day Well Challenge.

Based on four simple concepts: Move, Nourish, Refresh and Connect, each daily short task is scientifically proven to yield results.

“If you move your body a little each day, you will be far better off than if you are sedentary. If you nourish your body with real food (the kind that doesn’t come in packages loaded with sugar or via a drive-through window) you will be healthier than if you eat junk food. If you allow your mind to take a break and refresh from time to time, you will feel better. And if you regularly connect with loved ones and friends, old and new, you will be both happier and healthier.”

The question I put to you is, why do we all find it so challenging to stick with it? From my experience, it’s for three reasons:

  1. We shoot for the stars and set ourselves up for failure. Then at the first sign of messing up we give up, instead of shrugging it off and getting right back on track.

  2. We focus on the end or outcome goal such as losing 10 lbs., instead of committing to a small process goal such as removing 1 sugary beverage a day from our diet.

  3. We underestimate the value of putting accountability measures in place. Accountability to a buddy, online support team, calendar reminder etc. works. Period. If a tree in the forest is the only one who knows you’re trying to achieve something, will it fall if you fail? You get what I mean.

start now even if it's smalljpg.jpg

We’ve been talking about the power of small changes throughout our entire journey together. It works. But if you need even more reasons, feel free to access the resources below.

Most importantly, make it easy on yourself and answer these three questions right now:

  1. What’s one simple thing you can do today to advance you toward your goal?

  2. What’s one obstacle in your way and how can you remedy it today?

  3. Who is one person who can support you in achieving success?

You’ve got this, and if you need a little nudge or accountability support, reach out to join my January Coaching Program.

Supportively Yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™

 P.S. Make 2019 the year of self-compassion. Join us for our next Montauk Retreat, May 31-June 2.


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