Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Yes, 10 mins does make a difference

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10 minutes of exercise. 2 minutes of breathing or meditation. One glass of water in the morning. Saying a positive affirmation to yourself. These are all commitments some of my clients have agreed to yet often simultaneously snicker or make a snide comment like, “Why bother?”

Well it matters. Here’s why, and why you should take my #10minMOJO challenge.

Mind shifts and improvements in physical fitness levels can be seen in people who make even one small daily habit change.

Let’s take exercise as an example. I’m not screwing with you, sweating or just moving for 10 minutes a day has scientific benefits and your body responds quickly to even small amounts of exercise. Studies show that merely short bursts neurologically improve brain function, as well as give you a feeling of accomplishment resulting in improved mood. We’re talking just 70 minutes a week! 

Some findings to prove my point: 

  • A seven-week study of 22 couch potatoes found that those who did just one set of 10 repetitions of seven strength-training moves (about 10 minutes of lifting) three days a week gained as much strength as those who did a 30-minute, three-set routine.

  • In a recent study of 48 men and women, spinning on a bike for 10 minutes led to a mood lift and drop in depression and fatigue—similar to what they'd get riding three times as long. 

  • …just 70 to 75 minutes of brisk walking or about 40 minutes of jogging a week is enough to begin shrinking your waistline. And targeting the waist is important because belly fat is directly tied to heart disease, diabetes, and early death.

We've seen significant changes in the autonomic nervous system—fewer incidences of the fight-or-flight stress reflex being triggered—with even 70 to 75 minutes a week of exercise," says Church (a lead study author). "A little exercise can do much more than people think, so there's no excuse for not getting up and just doing something." 


So, stop making excuses and do just 10 minutes of something. If you can, make it sweat-worthy. Dance, march in place, run, bike, jump rope, stretch, do jumping jacks, lift soup cans – whatever floats your boat. Just do it consistently 10 minutes a day for a month (although I know you will see results sooner).


Prove it? I will. Take my 30-day #10minMOJO Challenge. Commit to your 10-minute activity, and post and tag #10minMOJO every day for 30 days.

Note any changes in your body, mood, quality of sleep and stress level. Those who participate for all 30 days are eligible to win a $10 gift certificate to (you must post daily to eligible)*.

My commitment is to move at least 10 minutes every day. What’s yours? 

Below are some wonderful options to get you started (even if you find yourself in the airport a lot):

  • Easy ten-minute workouts for busy moms at

  • Quick workouts for yo-yo exercisers at

  • The best ten-minute workout videos (including one for the office and one for two people) at

  • For traveling, there’s a ten-minute airport workout video at FOX

If you’re not feeling exercise right now, then take the challenge by doing a daily 10-minute meditation, adding a nutritional practice like one cooked veggie, or a self-compassion ritual like a positive word or phrase you say morning and night. Whatever it is, even just 10 minutes a day will make an impact.

That’s even less time than you likely spend on social media or hitting the snooze button in the morning.

And, once you start, you’re likely to keep going, and voila, in just 70 minutes a week you’re a healthier, happier you. Go you!

Will you commit to trying it? Say yes and share your commitment by posting on my Facebook or Instagram page by Friday March 22 EOD. Don’t forget to tag #10minMOJO. No matter what age, you can do this (Dad!).

I’m with you every step of the way. 

#10minMOJO kicking off now,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™ 

*Must be related to your original commitment. Must post and tag every day for 30 days and start by Friday, March 22 EOD.