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Tuesdays with MOJO/Some announcements

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

 There are 2 ½ points to this Tuesdays with MOJO:

  1. Join me and my Montauk Retreat co-leaders for a webinar on self-care and what you can start doing today to live a more confident, fulfilling and self-loving life. Options are Tuesday, 4/16 or Thursday 4/18 at 1:00pm ET. Email me with your preference and I will forward you details.

    1. FYI: We opened up new “dorm style” options for our upcoming Retreat. There are just two of those spots left. Check out details here.

  2. Hear my take about what recovering from knee surgery has taught me

Have you ever been through something that felt monumentally difficult to recover from? Whether physically or emotionally, healing takes time and stick-to-it-ness. I can relate. 


4 years ago today I was recovering from comprehensive knee surgery. Bluebird skies and fresh snow was just not meant to be for me that ski day back in February 2015. The moguls got me (and my ACL, MCL, 2 meniscus and tibia) and hence a long road of humility, repair and recovery began, and it still goes on today. 

People who had been through it told me it would be 2 years until I felt normal again. It took me 3, but it was really this last year when I’ve gained a lot more mobility and felt confident back on the slopes. Mental attitude is critical to any kind of recovery.

Coincidentally, while I was sleeping last night, I was awakened by my knee making a loud cracking noise. Who knows why – maybe it was celebrating its repair anniversary?!

The bottom line: stick-with-it-ness saved me and saved my knee. 

Not only can I wear heels and walk up and down stairs without pain, but I’m back doing HIIT and body conditioning workouts along with skiing, yoga and power walks. I even jog occasionally. 

Interestingly, all of those activities have made my balance better, ability to do simple things like pick up items from the floor or get up and down off the toilet more easefully and in a way that maintains back and knee health.

It seems counterintuitive but activities like squats and keeping my glutes and hips strong resulted in better knee joint mobility and strength. Not ready for squats yet? That’s ok, try some of these five exercises to strengthen the area around the knee. The first three in particular seem easy, but they will do the trick. Trust me! 

And whether you are experiencing a physical injury or emotional challenge, what practices can you do today to help you get one step closer to healed?

I hope you are as luck as I was to have friends and family to cheer me on, comfort me when I needed it and even make me soup to warm my insides. Ask for help if you need it and inch along the road to recovery on step at a time.

I am with you all the way.

Faithfully Yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™