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Did you miss me last week? It was a killer week, and probably the highlight of my year so far, work-wise. It’s important to take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back, not just when hitting milestones, but also when it seems like it’s going to pot along the way.

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As Bran said in Game of Thrones, “You were exactly where you were supposed to be,” inferring that everything leading up to that point – the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty – brought you there.

So, here’s how it went:  

Monday: presentation of findings from one-on-ones interviews with leadership and 15 property managers to understand what is going well, and pinpoint areas of improvement. They were refreshingly transparent as well as fervently loyal. 


Tuesday: compilation of 80+ teams of 6 for an upcoming activity challenge for a global private equity firm – these folks are super competitive and we set up a 3-week structure where they get points for steps, volunteering, posting fun photos, sharing collaboration comments and participating in an on-site activity. We’re talking complex (but FUN).

Thursday: guest speaker to 50+ women at a Fly Female Founders on the topic of self-sabotage and getting out of your own way on the path to success. These women were powerhouses!

Friday: sent a proposal to a Balance Integration prospect, AND closed registration for the upcoming Montauk Retreat AND set up a consult for a new coaching client.

Plus, getting my exercise on and doing my best to NOT alienate my friends and family.


I kicked butt, if I do say so myself and not only because my clients, attendees and prospects were impressed and happy, but because I felt I was prepared, fulfilled and gave it my all.

What more can we ask of ourselves? NOTHING. 

Even if last week was a colossal failure, it’s still worth reviewing and noting what was done well and areas to improve. In fact, even though I rocked it, I will still self-evaluate to further my growth and skills.

Self-critique is essential for all of us. NOT self-judgement where you use judgy guilt-ridden words, but self-critique where you objectively evaluate your successes and missteps. How?

  • Ask people how you did and for constructive feedback

  • Review your presentations and adjust. Follow up with a note and some additional observations

  • Check your gut – it usually is perceptive

  • Notice what happens a week later: Crickets? You may have missed the mark. Lots of activity? You likely shined.

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On the other side of things, when someone asks you for feedback or does something that you find impressive, let them know. My client sent me a lovely note that I will treasure. That is a good manager.


Above all, be kind to yourself in the process. We are a work in progress. One that deserves recognition when we nail it, and support when we don’t. Ask for it, give it and for goodness sake, give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while.

And maybe even a lovely cocktail to celebrate.

Proudly yours,


Chief MOJO Maker™