Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Confession

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment

Ever go through a phase of not taking the best care of yourself? I’m going through one of those right now, mostly in my diet.  

Wait until you see what I ate!

Bob and I celebrated our anniversary by doing a neighborhood restaurant crawl, popping into one place for an app, another for a main, etc. There was lots of cheese and one of the dishes was fried chicken. Yeah, that’s not part of my gluten free protocol. A margarita and red wine followed, as did some varied dim sum.

The following day I had some “energy balls” which is basically a glorified candy bar filled with sugar. Unrefined, but sugar none the less.

Usually when I go to the movies I don’t eat, but yesterday I had both popcorn and chocolate.

I was on a roll! When our health protocols get off plan, we have two choices:

1.    Punish and judge ourselves.

2.    Practice acceptance and commit to making better decisions next time. 

I considered the first but decided on the second. There is no “Bad” or “Good,” there just is.

Progress, not perfection!

To get back on track there’s no starvation, self-admonishment, or penalty. What good does it do to beat ourselves up? That route can actually result in further setbacks. 

Instead, it’s helpful to look at the positive side of things. During that same timeframe I:

  • Exercised

  • Saw a friend through a difficult loss

  • Spent time with family

  • Had a successful and packed work month

  • Maintained a decently organized household

In addition to evaluating what you did well, it’s important to understand your triggers. For me, it was about control – I couldn’t control a lot of what was happening around me, but I could certainly control what I put in my body. Take that out-of-control-life, I’ll show you!  



It’s tough to take a step back and look at the big picture, but in the scheme of things, my period of going rouge nutritionally does not negate all the triumphs I’ve achieved previously, and I’m sure the same is true of you. Just be sure to get back on the wagon QUICKLY, and don’t use it as an excuse to continue to “go off.” How? 

Start with an awareness that you’ve gotten off track, give some thought to the underlying reason(s) why, and try these tips:

  • Recommit to your program. Again, no negative self-talk or punishment. Just a “today is another day and I’m starting a new chapter/don’t look back” attitude.

  • Make an eating plan for the week to set some structure to your comeback. Perhaps this is a good time to prep some meals at home?

  • Reward yourself with a wellness treatment, time with a loved one, or a non-food-related extravagance like a new outfit.

  • Stay super hydrated. It will eliminate hollow hunger and keep you full and energetic. Make it fun by infusing water with citrus fruits, berries, cucumber or mint.

  • Eat fiber rich foods, which will help with elimination and rejuvenate digestion.

  • Forget it ever happened. Yeah, ignore it. Who cares?


We are human and digressing from your usual health protocol doesn’t define us. We do! So have a giggle about your latest transgression and pick yourself up and forge ahead with a smile.

Pass the yummy turmeric ginger latte and grilled veggies please!

Healthfully yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™