Small changes make big differences.

Tuesdays with MOJO/Stop trying

Marjorie Spitz RentoComment
Neg words. word art.jpeg

I’ll try

I should

I just

I believe

I’m sorry

This may be a bad idea but…

I’ll do ___ when ___.

Any of these phrases sound familiar? Do you use one or more regularly? 

Stop it!

I’m fresh off our self-compassion retreat and boy am I high on the effects. 8 fantabulous women attended and left transformed. Those are not my words, they are theirs. 


We started off the weekend defining what self-care meant, asking each of them to pick three photos or words to represent self-care to them, and created a group collage. We agreed to support each other and use language that was positive and non-qualifying. Many of the words listed above were no-no’s and attendees were surprised to learn how often they used them.

purple iris.JPG

By the end of the weekend, each literally manifested what their visuals expressed. The one who wanted to laugh more laughed heartily. The one who selected a full moon found herself lost in the Montauk stars each night. The one who chose a purple flower gleefully enjoyed dinner and a sunset fire surrounded by gorgeous purple irises. The one wanting to set boundaries left with clear guidelines for where to draw the line. It was magical.

No shoulds. No I’ll try’s. No apologies. 

Instead, strong and supportive verbal acknowledgements: 

I will

I commit to

I am

I want

How does the language you use impact your ability to succeed? Do you subconsciously bring defeatist and negative thinking into the mix? Is self-sabotage getting in your path?

Overcome it by replacing negative, guilt-ridden language with affirming word and committed language.

Start it. Start it right now, and stop trying.

Supportively yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™