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When I launched Tuesdays with MOJO in October of 2014, I announced the start of a new journey, and many of you have been with me ever since. 

In the first blog entry I committed to “let go of fear, fulfill my career dreams while being my fullest self, and run my own show.” I acknowledged that it wouldn’t be easy, and it hasn’t, but it has been me.

I attempted to share real, personal and human stories, whether they about successes or failures with the hopes that it would allow you to feel a little bit more open and safe to do the same. To feel like you are not alone on your own person adventures. To be vulnerable and authentic.  

I was consistent, even writing while on vacation or a tight work deadline, rarely missing, and am proud to have built a treasure chest of content that I adore, and I hope you do too.

And now it’s time. Time to shift my path to align with its current course. A very exciting course that I can’t wait to share with you!

Balance Integration Team

Balance Integration Team

After years of working to transform individuals and bring wellness to the work place, my heart and focus has morphed from straight “wellness” to culture change, in particular with corporate clients and groups. In recent years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dune Resorts, as well as Balance Integration’s clients like the NBA and KKR to create a more human and healthful environment at work. I absolutely love it!

You might be asking, “what the heck does that mean?” Please indulge me once again and let me explain. 

Picture these scenarios:

  • Two companies have merged

  • There’s a new boss/CEO

  • An office moves

  • New policies are enacted, like working remotely

  • Recruiters are stealing the best employees

  • People work their tails off and need support

  • Or other culture crushers exist

I consider those opportunities to discover what’s happening on a basic human level in the workplace and use that discovery to create innovative and fun programming that allows people to live a sustainable and thriving life while also succeeding at work. 

The truth is, vision statements, policies and yoga classes can only get you so far. Evolution requires new conversations and new actions by leadership, and I’ve fostered both.

So, what does this mean for you? MOJO is not going away! Montauk Retreats are amazingly transformative and will continue (the next one is October 4-6). Individualized coaching for those committed to change is available as well.

Tuesdays with MOJO is transitioning from a weekly mainstay in your inbox to a more occasional communication covering topics you’ve shown interest in, articles and events. I also encourage anyone interested in guest writing to reach out to share a story about how you’ve implemented a small change that’s led to a big difference in your life.  

I am forever grateful for your comments, companionship and support over the years.

What started as a small commitment to write a weekly story to connect with you has blossomed into content for a book and led to experiences I never anticipated.


For example, at my recommendation, just last week my Dune Resorts client (who manages 16 hospitality properties in Eastern Long Island) held their first ever full staff “Season Kick-Off and Mingle.” It was the culmination of findings from fifteen 1:1 manager interviews, housekeeping, and countless conversations with senior leadership that resulted in a toolkit of actionable programs to empower the staff, streamline processes and communications, and allow people at every level to be heard.  

Throughout the breakfast event attended by about 200 staff, there was rigorous head nodding and cheers. Afterwards the CEO said, “Watching the head nods as I spoke was nothing short of magical.  It was real and it was authentic.  Everyone was proud to be there.” And the next day he confessed to being “speechless” about the positive feedback he’s received since.

The staff was stoked and I am proud. Proud that we took all those small steps to make something really big happen, and the work continues.

As another example, in just a few weeks Balance Integration CEO Tevis Trower and I will lead a workshop at the Peer 150 PDXYZ event in Portland Oregon, as well as host a CEO roundtable to dive deep into research findings and social media implications around expectations of CEOs, leadership and fostering trust. I can’t wait to share how that goes!

So, stay tuned, there’s even more challenging and great work on the journey ahead. 

And if you’re a CEO or team leader or can introduce me to someone who could use some culture help, I’d be super grateful.

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With deep gratitude and excitedly yours,

Marjorie, Chief MOJO Maker™