Small changes make big differences.


Tuesdays with MOJO / Become One with your Inner Sea Hag

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I think I was an old Montauk sea hag in a previous life.  Not a super ugly mean one with moles on her face, but a quiet, hard to know, lonely soulful kind who served beer at The Dock until her death while waiting patiently for her long lost fisherman to come home. 

My husband calls me his mermaid, so maybe there’s some truth to that. 

All I know is when I hit the Napeague Stretch (the narrow remote highway which connects the rest of Long Island to Montauk), I feel like I’m at the end of the world and I’ve always belonged there.   Like I can breathe for the first time.  And when I go to The Dock, a restaurant run by the same family for over 30 years, where the taxidermy prevalent and off-color jokes not for the weary, it fits like an old glove. 

Tuesdays with MOJO / Take a moment for a breath

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Last night I had the pleasure of sharing my workshop with about a dozen friends.  All fabulous, successful, intelligent, beautiful and kind women (and Bob) who I greatly respect.

I presented the workshop with the goal of gaining feedback as I get ready to launch a corporate wellness program. 

The workshop centers around how small changes make big differences and the MOJO Makers™ that one can implement on a daily basis toward reaching a higher goal. I define a MOJO Maker™ as an inspirational, simple action that creates a “ripple effect”, starting one on a path toward achieving a higher goal, ultimately leading to vitality, healthfulness and happiness.  Together we went through some key MOJO Makers™.

In the beginning of the session, I had participants do a breathing exercise (MOJO Maker™ #1).