Small changes make big differences.


MOJO Health + Wellness provides personal experiences to transform your life.

Offerings include strategic consultation, corporate programming, Montauk retreats, MOJO Makers™ workshops, group and one-on-one programs. 

Key clients include Balance Integration Corporation, Dune Resorts, JCC Manhattan, Morgan Stanley, Sarah Laird + Good Company and more.


After many years in corporate America, I’ve seen how the increased stress of everyday life, and pressure at work manifests in poor sleep, lacking nutrition, general discontent and reduced productivity. I believe we need to re-invest in our workplaces and ourselves to achieve happier, healthier, thriving communities. I have a compassion for people: the challenges they face, and their struggles to stay on top of physical, emotional and professional well-being. I bring my organizational and interpersonal skills together to help companies provide programming where individuals and groups learn and habitualize the steps they need to succeed at being their best selves. 


Healthy employees and caregivers make productive employees and caregivers!  In our interactive workshops you and your employees will learn how to implement immediate, small, yet life-transforming changes that set you on the path to your best, most effective and joyful self. We call them MOJO Makers™ -- inspirational, simple actions that create a "ripple effect" toward achieving a higher goal.   You and your employees will leave with the tools and motivation to start achieving the goals you strive for, now! Topics include leadership effectiveness, personal development, team building, reviving a toxic environment, wellness and more.


This 12-week program will address one habit adoption each week, allowing for the group to implement change with the support of a health coach and their peers.  We will work with your staff to provide support and accountability to help them maximize success.  Your assigned well-being coach will encourage interaction and challenges in a fun and productive way to inspire action!

Each program is customized to meet the needs of your company, and motivate the staff on a daily basis.  

Optional add-ons such as lunch-and-learns, cafeteria refresh, supermarket field trip and one-on-one coaching are available.


Individuals are stressed and overwhelmed, today more than ever!  We offer tailored one-on-one well-being and leadership coaching that fine tunes your lifestyle to highlight your own special verve and enjoy delicious food, while achieving your health, weight and life goals.  You will be more effective, have more energy, sleep better and feel great!


Our retreats are customized to address what you need. Whether you want to attend one of our Montauk Retreats as an individual, or create a group off-site to build team synergy, we can craft the ideal experience for you.


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